More From Mierce & Darklands This November

October 9, 2014 by brennon

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Mierce Miniatures have released another host of updates for what's coming next month in their world of Darklands. A whole bunch of valiant looking heroes and deadly monsters are on the cards...

Urien, Teyrn of Môn on Foot

Leofwen, Thegn of Dēra on Foot

Birna, Dottir of Hrafnen

Annik of Carn Wrach, Battle-Drune

We'll kick things off with the more human looking of the latest releases. We have (beginning at the top) Urien, Leofwen, Birna and Annik that are all looking superb. I love their more traditionally historical looking miniatures even more than their fantastic ones and Urien is another one of those pieces that I'd love to pick up as a warlord for other games.

Idruaada, Warlock Lord of Baalor

Bagseg, Oghurithne Umaer

Thelliatiss, Gorgórix of Khthon

Things then get a little bit less human and indeed monstrous and evil when it comes to Idruaada, Bagseg and finally the twisted snake form of Thelliastiss. I like pretty much everything to do with Idruaada but I don't see the point of his rather odd adornment at the top of his staff. It looks a lot bigger than it needs to be and I'd be tempted to get rid of that. Bagseg is also very cool and looks like a brutal giant that you'd imagine him to be.

Scecchus, Servile Fiend of Dis

Last but not least have the mighty Scecchus, Servile Fiend of Dis. They do like doing their massive miniatures and each of them is rather pricey but you are getting a good quality piece from what people have said in the past. Interestingly it does make you wonder about the entry price cost of beginning this game in the future when the rules are solid.

Which is your favourite?

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