Mierce Back On Kickstarter For New Darklands Factions!

September 18, 2014 by brennon

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Mierce Miniatures are back on Kickstarter for Darklands: New Kindred to bring you three new factions for their dark fantasy world based on historical myth and legend. See what you think of the Jutes, Erainn and Atalantes...

Atalantes Starter


The Atalantes are based on Greek and Roman designs and they have some really cool stuff sitting there already. I love their leader Kyros who certainly has a little bit of the Leonidas about him don't you think? They even get themselves a female leader (at least I think it's a woman) with Thera clad in some seriously cool armour. I love the fact they're going to get loads of bronze constructs too, very cool.

Erainn Starter


The Erainn are more Irish and Scottish in their design drawing on that Pictish look and feel which is very cool as well. I love their crazy hair and awesome cloaks, can't go wrong with a cloak. Their big creatures come in the form of swampy beasts and such which is ace. I did like the ones that came out for the Albion campaign for Warhammer Fantasy so it's neat to see similar creatures return.

Jutes Starter


Last but not least we have the Jutes who will be travelling across the land raising the dead and more to hold back their enemies. I really like their heroes and the undead aspect of their faction is amazing. I'm really not a big fan of their large beast but bring out more undead and I am very much on board with these fellows.

You may have read in our forums that Aragorn Marks has left Games Workshop and this is one of the projects he has engaged with now he is free from those shackles. He is an awesome sculptor and done some work for them in the past so it will be cool to see his work become a reality.

The artwork for this game is amazing and the amount of factions is growing incredibly quickly. Let's hope the actual game has as much staying power as the miniatures.

What do you think?

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