Mierce Miniatures Unveil New Darkland Releases

July 5, 2019 by cassn

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Mierce Miniatures have us howling with delight at their new releases for Darklands, the tabletop skirmish game set in a fantastical warring world of mythic beasts and legends!


These latest releases include some excellent were-doggos, including Hunter Hrōr, Werwulf Thegn, who looks like an excellent archer. Let's hope that, after he fires those arrows, the dog part of his brain doesn't take over and make him chase the stick!


Of course, Hunter Hrōr is just one of many good bois roaming the forests of the Darklands, and the Sigewulf's Pack is a Werwulf Hunter unit of high accuracy and unlimited abs, apparently. Are they shaving their chests, or is that just how they transform? #ImporantQuestions


Of course, it's not all doggos, and Gukk's Javelins are a Sávrakontar Unit which can do substantial damage from a distance or at close range. These cold-blooded killers are not to be crossed (unless you don't mind becoming dinner).


Finally, the Fomoraic gain a new sorcerer too for the Far Thule realm. Thurnaaq is a powerful, mystical warlock, certain to conjure spells and enchantments which will defend his people in battle.

Each miniature is cast in high-quality resin in 30mm scale, compatible with Darklands and other fantasy wargames. You can check out all these latest fantastical releases here.

Which faction will you fight for in Darklands? Tell us below!

" Cold-blooded killers!"

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