Mierce Miniatures Unleash A Warband Of Darklands Bears

May 27, 2021 by brennon

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We don't often delve into the world of Darklands from Mierce Miniatures (which is probably very bad of us!) but I was very much drawn to this new bundle they've added to their webstore. The new Slēanbera Bundle offers up a warband of roaring bears for you to use in your games.

Anglecynn Slaanbera Bundle - Mierce Miniatures

Anglecynn Slēanbera Bundle  // Mierce Miniatures

This set brings together a lot of their previous miniatures as well as some new ones. As someone who feels quite the kinship with these big furry beasts, I think this is a pretty awesome set. With the discount on the bundle at the moment, it also seems like a pretty good deal for someone who wants to try out a new warband for Darklands or any of the other Fantasy wargames out there.

This set also comes with a new miniature for Beornhelm who you can see below...

Beornhelm Slaanbera Thegn - Mierce Miniatures

Beornhelm, Slaanbera Thegn // Mierce Miniatures

I think I actually prefer the sculpting style used on Egred but I could also see Beornhelm being a fun miniature to add into the mix. As mentioned, these would be great for Darklands obviously but I also think they would make an excellent agnostic army for many a Fantasy game. I could see these popping up in Warlords Of Erehwon or Age Of Magic for example.

I might end up having to get one or two of these bears simply to pop them onto the painting table!

"I also think they would make an excellent agnostic army for many a Fantasy game..."

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