Mierce Show Off What To Look Out For With Darklands In 2015

December 13, 2014 by brennon

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A whole range of new miniatures are popping up for the world of Darklands from Mierce Miniatures and it's quite the crop once again. See what you think of this menagerie of monsters and heroic figures set to take to the tabletop...

Angedern, Prifdyndraig of Gwaelod

Djiuzu, Dromedus Secundus

Gaarwäg, Mammax Tain

Myrkranio, Bone Warrior

Ekk, Nithing

We're going to go with the more weird and wonderful additions to the line-up first this time starting with (in order) Angedern, Djiuzu, Gaarwag, Myrkranio and Ekk. A very motley assortment of different creatures in varying states of craziness. I think my favourite of these creatures actually has to be the smallest, Ekk. He reminds me of the treasure goblins from Diablo III!

Aldhelm, Sceop of Mierce

Gondard of Karaez, Flesh-Drune

Itaina, Umaer of Dun Durn

Víthar, Erilaz of Hrafnen

On the more human side of this Darklands coin we have (in order once again) Aldhelm, Gondard, Itaina, and Vithar. I think of this crop my favourites have to be Itaina and Vithar although Gondard does win the creepy points and a special place in the nightmares of small children I reckon. Certainly channeling the spirit of Freddie Kruger there.

Will you be picking any of these up and looking out for more from Darklands in 2015?

Let us know!

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