Mighty Eternal Elves Join Raging Heroes’ Fantasy Armies

March 11, 2022 by brennon

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The High Elves Of The Eternal Summits that were over on Patreon recently for 3D printing fans are now available (at least partially) from Raging Heroes in 32mm resin! See which new characters they have added into the mix.

Elvaerion Grand Master Mage - Raging Heroes NEW

Elvaerion, Grand Master Mage // Raging Heroes

The first of the miniatures is for Elvaerion. This masterful mage is summoning up all manner of intricate sorceries, showing off the might of his kind. The look and feel of the miniature is very in line with the style of Teclis from The Old World but with plenty of additional pomp and ceremony! I love that Elven blade in particular. I think the hilt is just beautiful.

Keeping with the theme of spellcasters, we also have the patient Erlanthii, Mistress Of Stone And Earth.

Erlanthii Mistress Of Stone And Earth - Raging Heroes NEW

Erlanthii, Mistress Of Stone And Earth // Raging Heroes

I get the sense that Erlanthii is one of those characters who is very calm and contemplative when the fighting starts but when needed, she becomes a raging gale of magic. I do like the imagery of her throwing massive chunks of mountain rock at her foes.

Another of the new miniatures, more in the style of a diviner, is Altheann, Etheral Seer.

Altheann Etheral Seer - Raging Heroes NEW

Altheann, Etheral Seer // Raging Heroes

This range works very well as alternatives for Lumineth Realm-lord armies on the tabletop, offering up some more dynamic models for Elf fans. This lady here is particularly intriguing and I like the challenge of painting see-through fabric! You could even paint the entire model as something spiritual and ethereal if you liked to give it that otherworldly look.

Lastly, for the characters at least, we have Traelion, Greater Calligraph.

Traelion Greater Calligraph - Raging Heroes NEW

Traelion, Greater Calligraph // Raging Heroes

This is just awesome and the use of tactical ink splodges offers up a great way to anchor this miniature in the middle of the air. I love the idea of someone painting or scribbling their spells and summoning up monstrous companions that retain the splatter look of their drawings. It would be a fun project to have a pop at for sure.

Eternal Elven Guardians

The final set of miniatures comes in the form of a set of Alterian, Sword Wielders.

Alterian Sword Wielders - Raging Heroes NEW

Alterian, Sword Wielders // Raging Heroes

This is a good take on the old Swordmasters Of Hoeth. The twist here is that they have gone down the route of making them feel distinctly Japanese, especially with those back banners. I also like that there is a nice mix of male and female bodies in this set. Also, you could very easily convert these to be Sci-Fi miniatures thanks to the design of the armour. Imagine these as Dire Avenger Exarchs!

What do you make of these new 32mm resin miniatures from the folks at Raging Heroes?

"This range works very well as alternatives for Lumineth Realm-lord armies on the tabletop..."

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