The Mighty Perseus Goes Adventuring In Lucid Eye’s Ziggurat

February 7, 2020 by brennon

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Lucid Eye is added more miniatures into the mix for their Ziggurat collection. The first of these is the heroic Perseus The Exile who has just slain Medusa the Gorgon!

Perseus The Exile - Lucid Eye

The model is looking rather awesome indeed, a great take on the Ancient Greek hero from mythology. Maybe if you're diving into the world of Mortal Gods: Mythic which is on Kickstarter right now you could use this character as one of your heroes. The miniature comes with the helm of darkness so he can hide, his winged shoes from Hermes and his deadly sword. He is only missing the mirror shield!

Grim Followers

As well as the mighty hero you can also check out the neat set of miniatures, the Royal Sons. This additional set come without helmets and would work to help break up your band of followers so that they don't all look the same.

Royal Sons II - Lucid Eye

This collection has really delved down into the depths of mythology from the Ancient and Biblical times and there is a lot to snap up for use across all manner of different games. Make sure to take a peek at more from the Ziggurat range and tell us what you like!

What do you reckon to this new hero?

"He is only missing the mirror shield!"

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