Use Modern Technology To Help Monitor Your Warbands For Frostgrave

April 5, 2017 by stvitusdancern

You have seen it elsewhere, online programs to help build lists for your armies and warbands for your favorite game. Now that technology has come to Frostgrave as well with the help of the guys from Table Top Space. They have built an online warband list creator that can help you assemble and keep track of your warbands.

I did a quick test on the page as I did not have a Warband list set up at the moment and it looked pretty easy to use as well as intuitive.  It was neatly arranged for ease of use on a tablet. There are two versions available, the free one (the one I tried) and the donation option which unlocks the following:

  • Unlimited Warbands
  • Made-for-print Warband view
  • Visual theme improvements for your Warband
  • Hand Quick Reference pages with unit stats
  • Audit log of changes to your warband
  • Statistical data (In planning)

I have always been a fan of these kinds of tools, heck anything that makes record keeping easier gets my vote.

Do you use electronic list makers?

"...heck anything that makes record keeping easier gets my vote"

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