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March 27, 2020 by brennon

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Modiphius continue to invite us to dive into some more interesting worlds with a new pair of PDFs for Judge Dredd. Both the Core Rulebook and The Robot Wars expansion have been added to their website this week.

Judge Dredd Tabletop Adventure Game - Modiphius

Here is some of the background...

"Mutant bounty hunters hunt down the scum of the universe. The noble houses of a resurgent imperial Russia use every means at their disposal to attempt to become the supreme power; using bribery, assassination, espionage, diplomacy and war. The solar system is invaded by the Geeks – a hostile alien race hell-bent on the destruction of mankind, on Earth and her colonies in the solar system. Criminal hitmen fulfil their contracts, blasting their way though rivals and bodyguards to achieve their bloody payday. Occult investigators hunt down demons and restless spirits threatening both the lives and souls of the people of Britain.

And then there is Dredd. The top lawman in a vast city over 800 million citizens he contends with criminals, mutant raiders, aliens, rogue robots and enemy agents from other, hostile, megacities."

If that didn't catch your eye then you've also got the contents to have a peek at. Inside the Core Rulebook, you'll find...

  • Rules for creating humans, clones, robots, mutants and uplifted apes. The fun and intuitive life-path system allows you to run games for a group of Judges, perps or citizens.
  • A wide array of equipment and weapons from the pages of Judge Dredd. Use the iconic Lawgiver pistol with its six different bullet types. Use the daystick baton to subdue perps when up close to them. Ride the lawmaster bike, the two-wheeled king of the road.
  • Full rules for running the game, including fast but tactical combat, environments, and extended scientific, medical and engineering tasks.
  • An exploration of Dredd’s world with many key locations of Dredd’s city detailed along with information on how to use them in games.
  • An introductory adventure where you can play as Judges, perps or citizens. All with very different goals and aims.

All of that sounds rather good and a nice entry point into the world of Judge Dredd but they've also got an expansion for you to check out called The Robot Wars.

Judge Dredd Tabletop Adventure Game Robot Wars - Modiphius

Here is some of the background for this particular expansion...

"All across Mega-City One, the Robots are turning against their human masters. Chaos reigns as the charismatic Robot leader, Call-Me-Kenneth, rallies the city's Robots to his side, and only the Judges stand in their way.

Play as Judges in The Robot Wars, or as Civilians and Perps in Saving Matt Damon."

This sounds like it could be a lot of fun and something to explore when you're locked away over the next few weeks and months. I think this could be hilarious, especially if you came at it from two different angles and played as both the good guys and then the bad guys.

Are you tempted to pick this up and give some Judge Dredd roleplaying a go?

"Are you tempted to pick this up and give some Judge Dredd roleplaying a go?"

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