Modiphius’ Cohors Cthulhu: Tactics Kickstarter Ending Soon

June 26, 2024 by brennon

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Modiphius is closing in on the final days of their Cohors Cthulhu: Tactics Kickstarter campaign. This takes you into a Cthulhu-themed solo and cooperative clash during the time of the Roman Empire as your Legions (and their uneasy allies) battle against the threat of cultists and more!

Cohors Cthulhu Tactics Kickstarter - Modiphius

Cohors Cthulhu: Tactics Kickstarter // Modiphius

Cohors Cthulhu: Tactics is a horror-themed miniatures game for you to play by yourself or with friends. You will take a handful of survivors of an ambush and see if they can escape the horrors that have drifted out of a Germanic forest. This sets the stage for the opening acts of Cohors Cthulhu's story and there is much more to come I would warrant!

Game Overview - Cohors Cthulhu Tactics

Game Overview // Cohors Cthulhu: Tactics

As you dive in, your heroes will fight through a prologue and then three procedurally generated narrative acts that will take you off on brand-new adventures. Tie into this, the addition of unlocked side quests which add more storylines, allies, creatures and more into the mix and you've got the makings of a fun tabletop game for you and your friends.

Student Of The Hidden War Pledge - Modiphius

Student Of The Hidden War Pledge // Modiphius

Cohors Cthulhu: Tactics is split up into different acts. You can play out small skirmishes with a handful of heroes and villains in Act One. Act Two steps things up and turns your adventures into more of a warband scale game. Act Three then turns your scraps into a bigger rank and flank-style game where you will have to take on the power of terrible eldritch horrors and the Out Gods themselves.

Cohort Commander Pledge - Modiphius

Cohort Commander Pledge // Modiphius

The game will make use of 28mm scale multi-part resin miniatures which will match up to the quality of figures that we've seen in their other games like Fallout: Wasteland Warfare and The Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms.

There are designs (as you can see here) covering characters from the Roman Empire including centurions, scoundrels, nobles, hunters, priests, druids, assassins, soldiers, and warriors as well as their "barbarian" allies from the Germanic forests. You will also get miniatures for the followers of the Outer Gods, the Cult Of Mormo. That means Priests, Servitors, Ghouls, Overlords of Mormo, and Teufelshunde. There are also the terrifying avatars of the Outer Gods that threaten to break into reality!

Legion Legate Pledge - Modiphius

Legion Legate Pledge // Modiphius

Stretch Goals and Add-Ons are also included as part of the campaign offering up ways for you to expand on your collection and get more out of Cohors Cthulhu: Tactics. If you're looking for any more reason to check this out, the game was designed by Chris Birch of Modiphius alongside James Hewitt and Sophie Williams as well as the rest of the Modiphius development team. It also comes with the original concept of Clash Of Spears by Alvaro Erize and Francisco Erize. That is a good pedigree!

The campaign has around four days left for you to get involved so maybe check this out and see what you think!

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"Cohors Cthulhu: Tactics is a horror-themed miniatures game for you to play by yourself or with friends..."

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