MOMminiaturas’ New Beardy Wizard Weaves His Spells

June 2, 2020 by brennon

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MOMminiaturas has another fantastic Dwarf miniatures for you to consider picking up to be part of your next wargaming project. See what you think of this bearded wizard who has clearly seen many, many years of service.

Dwarf Wizard WiP - MOMminiaturas.jpg

This is another wonderfully intricate miniature from MOMminiaturas. They have been working hard it seems to get lots of miniatures finished for an upcoming Kickstarter and Dwarves are going to be the main focus.

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I love the way that the beard almost blends seamlessly into his robes and makes him look like a little bit of a doddery old fool. Then, you've got the staff which is detailed with runic talismans and you just know that there are centuries of power locked away within his mind, especially when you see his grim expression.

Also, how cute is that little owl that he has on his shoulder?! This is a great miniature for their collection and I hope we'll be seeing them hit Kickstarter soon.

What do you make of this old wizard?

"Also, how cute is that little owl that he has on his shoulder?!"

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