MOMminiaturas Load Up Their New Dwarf Bolt Thrower

March 27, 2020 by brennon

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MOMminiaturas has been showing off a new model that they have in the works for their growing Dwarf collection. This time around a team are working to load their big Bolt Thrower which seems primed to take down dragons.

Dwarf Bolt Thrower #1 - MOMminiaturas

This massive piece of kit looks good for slaying dragons and might also be a nice siege engine to bring into the mix too. Even if this slammed into regiments of infantry on the tabletop it would start to do some serious damage too. The crew who are working it are also nicely sculpted too and help form the diorama around the weapon.

Dwarf Bolt Thrower #2 - MOMminiaturas

So, if you're looking for a good way to scare your enemies then you'll soon have some new Dwarf options to consider when this arrives. I also have to give credit to those rather awesome looking beards we've got on the crew which certainly make the miniatures pop.

Are you keeping an eye on what MOMminiaturas are up to?

"I also have to give credit to those rather awesome looking beards..."

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