MOMminiaturas Showcase New Fantasy Character Releases

January 7, 2021 by brennon

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MOMminiaturas has now made a fair few character releases available for those diving into playing some old school grimdark Fantasy on the tabletop. There are some very different options here which might tick a box for folks!

Vizier Tower - MOMminiaturas

Vizier Tower // MOMminiaturas

First up we have the Vizier Tower. Here we have a masterful sorcerer Dwarf who has had this chariot prepared so that he can cast his dark and dangerous spells in safety. I like that this fellow has got the evil vibes without being covered in spikes and horns. The flaming bulls really add to the character of this piece and I think that you could have a lot of fun painting up this fellow.

Keeping with the idea of evil leaders we also have Dracul!

Dracul - MOMminiaturas

Dracul // MOMminiaturas

This fellow might be all smiles but he is certainly going to be draining you of blood once you've taken to your bed. If you're looking to make a classic Vampire army or tell a dark tale in your roleplaying games then this could be a fun miniature to paint up. I love that he has that utterly villainous sneer on his face!

Going up against Dracul we have this mighty warrior Priest. It's odd seeing this fellow with a beard but I think that I've seen a lot of Games Workshop Warrior Priests with their egg heads!

Warrior Priest - MOMminiaturas

Warrior Priest // MOMminiaturas

Whilst this fellow seems like he would work as a Sigmarite I think that you could tweak the hammers into axes or just paint him blue and make him into a Priest Of Ulric instead! I've always loved Warrior Priests and the theme behind them.

If you're looking for another burly looking Dwarf leader for your clan you can also add in this flat-nosed individual who looks like he has been wearing his helmet for too long.

Clan Chief - MOMminiaturas

Clan Chief // MOMminiaturas

He comes atop his mighty Oathstone there which would work for those who are building up Dwarf armies for Warhammer-esque adventures. I'm not so much of a fan of this chap but I think it's because of the flattened face. I'm used to the big red-nosed individuals that remind me of Paul Bonner artwork!

Are you tempted to dive in and pick up some of these characters?

"Are you tempted to dive in and pick up some of these characters?"

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