Monster Fight Club Reveal Three New Cyberpunk RED Sets

June 1, 2020 by brennon

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Monster Fight Club has got more awesome Cyberpunk RED miniatures in the mix for those who are looking to pack the streets during their roleplaying games. We start with some miniatures for the Street Scum.

Cyberpunk Street Scum - Monster Fight Club.JPG

Stake A Claim With Cyberpunk Street Scum

The streets of the Cyberpunk future are not for the faint of heart, especially after dark. All manner of suped-up and enhanced individuals are out there fighting for control of neighbourhoods in turf wars and sticking it to the corporations who have ground them under their shiny chrome heel.

These Street Scum might be the good guys or the bad guys, it depends on who you ask. The miniatures are looking great and within the set, you get one armed with a rifle, pistol, twin pistols, bottle bomb and grenade launcher.

Bring The Law

As well as the Street Scum above who are bringing the hardware, we've also got the Law Enforcers who are looking to try and reclaim parts of the city.

Cyberpunk Law Enforcers - Monster Fight Club

Again, you could very easily view these heavily-armed and armoured officers as the good guys or the bad guys. Just like with all walks of life, and especially in the world of Cyberpunk, there are plenty of shades of grey. When corporations and criminal enterprises are looking to control everything with a little extra cash here and there, you can never know who to trust.

In this set, you can get your hands on a Riot Squad Sergeant, three Officers, and an Officer with riot shield. Again, these should be a lot of fun to paint thanks to all that detail packed into their uniforms.

Cyberpunk Investigator

As well as these warring factions, you've also got people trying to solve the various murders that spring up on hourly in the city. That is where this Investigation Scene set comes in which provides you with a Detective and an unfortunate victim.

Cyberpunk Detective & Victim - Monster Fight Club.JPG

Another night, another body. This chap has clearly found himself on the wrong side of the tracks and met a very sticky end. Who wouldn't want to include a hard-boiled detective in a trench coat as part of their Cyberpunk collection?

Will you be picking up these new miniatures which are available to pre-order right now?

"Who wouldn't want to include a hard-boiled detective in a trench coat as part of their Cyberpunk collection?"

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