Join A Buddy In Monsterpocalypse’s Megaton Mashup

June 1, 2020 by brennon

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Monsterpocalypse, the game of miniature monster mayhem, is getting a cooperative expansion this month with Megaton Mashup! Come and see what Privateer Press has dropped into the mix as you and a buddy take on a terrifying new foe.

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Cooperative Fun With Megaton Mashup

In Megaton Mashup you'll be facing off against the brutal and destructive power of Gallamaxus (shown above). You will need to team up with your friends in order to bring him down and once you've done so, you can then try it again with other monsters from your collection. This might be a good way to introduce players to the game in a less confrontational manner.

The Megaton Mashup expansion for Monsterpocalypse introduces a brand-new way to play out your battles of giant monster combat. This product includes a new monster, Gallamaxus, who is fully playable in standard play but can also be used to face down any pair of players brave enough to step into his territory. After testing your mettle against this new threat, you can try out a Megaton Mashup game against any monster from your collection. The included card deck controls the independent monster and the rules explain how two players can work together playing a single monster each and a shared reserve of units to take the enemy monster down.

Gallamaxus is no pushover though. He is able to fly through cities, demolishing buildings with ease and munching units like snacks. You'll have quite a time trying to best him so make sure to work together and talk tactics! Anything which takes a game into the realm of the cooperative gets a thumbs up from me. I don't mind a good ol' tussle against a friend but I do like it when you can get peeved at the game instead!

Monsterpocalypse Smashville Terrain

As well as the new Megaton Mashup box, you'll also be able to get your hands on the new Smashville set which offers up some new options for creative destruction.

Smashville - Monsterpocalypse.jpg

As well as offering you a selection of new terrain pieces for you to use in-game, it also works as a campaign. Rather than your games being a standalone event, Smashville and its rules will allow you to play linked games which have you claiming parts of your own city to upgrade and tweak to suit your tactics.

Players will then get a chance to dive in and ransack each other's cities, hoping to overcome your enhanced defences and make themselves king of the castle. This sounds like another great idea that helps flesh out the world of Monsterpocalypse.

Will you be checking out these new modes of play?

"This sounds like another great idea that helps flesh out the world of Monsterpocalypse..."

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