Monstrous Beasts Take Shape For The Fantasy World Of Wrathborn

June 7, 2018 by brennon

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Wrathborn was at the UK Games Expo this past weekend showing off one of the monstrous stretch goals that has been worked on by Lion Tower Miniatures for their upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Check out this Snow Troll!

Snow Troll #1 - Wrathborn

This fellow is a very big chap indeed and would tower over your other warriors. I like the slightly comic book style to the features as well which help emphasise the facial features and its mythological qualities. It is a good match alongside some of the other models from the range too.

Snow Troll #2 - Wrathborn

This fellow needs to be blue in my opinion. I'd paint his skin blue with big thick white fur sprouting from his arms and such - I think it would keep that epic Fantasy feel and would stop me having to paint flesh!

Snarling Warg

As well as this mighty Snow Troll we also got to see a preview of the Warg this week. Whereas the Snow Troll fights for the Norndrassel, the Warg is the big beastie for the Lycanfiends.

Warg - Wrathborn

No doubt we'll see some progress on this miniature soon but it shows off how they've managed to get the proportions right for the creature. The head isn't too big and sits nicely on the muscular form. The only part that looks a bit odd to me is the foot on the tree, which I think could be almost curled around it more naturally.

However, the models are looking very good indeed and the quality of the Lion Tower sculpts is awesome as I picked some up at the UKGE!

What do you think of the models?

"...the quality of the Lion Tower sculpts is awesome as I picked some up at the UKGE!"

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