Moonstone Previews Vespa, A Faeries That Packs A Nasty Sting!

November 22, 2021 by fcostin

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It has not even been two weeks since I was hovering over at the Moonstone stand at Salute. Ogling over the dark and whimsical goodness that is formed from the brainchild of Tom. After I picked myself up The Jackalope at the event (and shortly after Boris the Bunny Summoner because how dare I pick up one without the other!), it didn’t take Moonstone long to drop a new character in the mix for the Faeries.

Announced on the Moonstone social media channels, a mischievous looking fairy atop of a seemingly harmless looking insect! Moonstone characters may be stunning - but Vespa packs quite the sting.

Vespa - Image One

Vespa Preview // Moonstone

Taking a different approach to the usual faeries output - Vespa comes forth with a unique skillset. Providing a non-traditional tactic similar to human units, but with some sugar, spice and everything nice in the mix to create a hybrid that sits comfortably in their own category.

Be prepared to use some tough nailed melee abilities that are sure to pack quite the punch! You may have noticed the extremely large sting sitting at the base of the insect. That’s enough to make any Faun do a 360. Equipped with ‘Stinger’, Vespa can utilise her high melee range by swooping and thrusting her way into the skirmish with a dirty bit of damage behind her.

Moonstone - Image Two

Vespa Stat Card // Moonstone

Don’t you just love being a bit of an annoyance to your opponents? Soaring above the incoming melee attacks, Vespa has the ability to remove herself from harm - good luck in getting her in your sights. As she can hover over the battle, and be out of range for any incoming melee attacks with ability ‘Out of Reach.

Of course, Vespa comes with some stat buffs and debuffs with the ability ‘Antagonise’, causing both havoc and bliss for a targetted character.

If you have Wasp tabletop ready, you will be familiar with Vespa’s final ability ‘Throw Javelin’. Considering all of her other abilities and the damage that could potentially cause - this ability, in particular, might have to be utilised to get out of a bad spot in helping clear off some enemies in an out of shot distance.

For more information on Vespa and her in-game abilities, be sure to head on over to the announcement here over on the Goblin Mischief blog.

Will you be adding Vespa to your evergrowing list of extra-special and beautifully grim band of whimsical misfits in Moonstone?

"Soaring above the incoming melee attacks, Vespa has the ability to remove herself from harm - good luck in getting her in your sights..."

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