Pick Up Moonstone’s “Coronation Chicken” This Month!

May 1, 2023 by brennon

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With the coronation of King Charles III coming up this month for us over here in Blighty, Goblin King Games decided to join in the fun and crown their very own Goblin King in the land of Tauber (the realm where Moonstone is set!). So, a brand new 32mm miniature is going to be available ONLY for the month of May!

Coronation Chicken Art - Moonstone

"Coronation Chicken" - Art // Moonstone

This miniature represents the Goblin King and is going to be a limited edition release. As you can see, the Goblin King is looking particularly resplendent in his lovely robe and is being carried around by his faithful servants. The artwork matches up very nicely with the render down below and in turn, the miniature that we're going to be getting this month. I can see this being a very fun miniature to paint and it's going to end up in a lot of different Moonstone collections.

Coronation Chicken - Moonstone

"Coronation Chicken" // Moonstone

If you're liking these previews of the miniature, wait until you see the finished version! Imagine him storming around the kingdom on that rolling throne, investing himself in a variety of royal visits as he meets his goblin subjects.

Coronation Chicken Miniature - Moonstone

"Coronation Chicken" Miniature // Moonstone

This miniature is going to be available from today, 1st May, and will be available for you to order from the Moonstone Webstore throughout the entire month. A great way to embrace such a royal occasion and show your support...for another monarch.

The Only Sure Things...

As well as the new miniature for The Goblin King, you are also going to be able to pre-order a new Troupe box. The only sure things in life are Death & Taxes and that's the theme of this new set.

Death & Taxes Art - Moonstone

Death & Taxes - Art // Moonstone

Wandering the lands, these particular individuals are going to be trying to squeeze every last bit of gold and moonstone out of those around them. As always when it comes to Goblin King Games, you've got a bunch of incredibly evocative miniatures that are so unlike anything else out there at the moment.

Some background on the Troupe starting with The Tax Collector...

"Her name is Tythe Fungible, she's been a tax collector her whole life although there was a brief affair with a certain pirate captain that threatened her career. When they each realised each wasn't going to change their ways for the other, they broke up. Since then she's been working towards the role of Grand Tax Master and Keeper of the Coins."

...and the Jobie!

"To other goblins, it seems as if Jobie has always been a fixture of the Eclypse City marketplace. If he's not there, he's taken his three-wheeled cart to the mainland to trade and return with interesting goods for sale. He has a reputation as a lovable rogue, although some nobles are certain he's been behind some misfortune of theirs but don't have any proof. He's got himself into mischief quite often and has a loyalty card with the Mortician to prove it..."

...before finishing off with Portly Pete!

"As a young goblin, Pete was teased for being skinny - no matter how much he ate he never put on any weight. He was tall too and had the nickname 'Broom' into his teenage years. He decided to leave school early and join the Goblin Guard, looking for adventure and a way to make a name for himself. He thrived through the physical and weapons training, being given the honour of guarding the Tax Office. Pete's nickname changed to Portly, but not because he was fat - but because of the solid muscle under all that armour! That's what he tells everyone anyway…"

Some fun folks with plenty of stories to tell!

Death & Taxes - Moonstone

Death & Taxes // Moonstone

If you're eager to get your hands on some brand-new miniatures and make all of your friends very sad then why not consider picking up the Death & Taxes set? As you might have guessed, this is another good addition to the Goblins of Moonstone and they might fit in well alongside the Goblin King himself!

Could you be tempted by these new releases for the month of May? Why not celebrate the coronation with your own Goblin King?

"Why not celebrate the coronation with your own Goblin King?"

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