Moonstone’s The Arising Kickstarter; Campaigns & More!

June 9, 2021 by brennon

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Goblin King Games is now a few days into their new Kickstarter for The Arising, a new expansion and supplement to their whimsical Fantasy game, Moonstone.

The Arising Kickstarter - Moonstone JUNE

The Arising Kickstarter // Moonstone

The heart of this new Kickstarter is the new The Arising book but you can also pick up that amazing Diana Enranged miniature (featured above), cards to help with gameplay and loads of ways to get started with the game. There are several different bundles that offer you a chance to dive in and explore Moonstone.

The Book

The first of the elements of this Kickstarter that we're going to peek at is the book!

The Arising Book - Moonstone

The Arising Book // Moonstone

This book looks into developing campaign rules for Moonstone. As well as allowing you to play out the moments on and off the field of battle, this campaign system wouldn't be Moonstone without a few twists. There is an inbuilt handicap mechanic which should hopefully keep games close and stop one troupe from tearing ahead of the others.

As well as the campaign rules you'll also find lots of clarifications and expanded detail on existing rules, ten new scenarios for you to play out and much more. You've also got over fifty pages of narrative which expand on the Moonstone storyline and rules and biographies for fifty-five characters. There are even some teasers to unreleased miniatures in there!

It looks beautiful and seems like it would be a perfect addition to a Moonstone collection, especially if you've been playing for a while.

The Cards

As well as the book, you've also got this new card deck which is primarily designed to support campaign play.

The Cards - Moonstone

The Cards // Moonstone

Upgrade cards, obviously, upgrade your troupe and you've then got Events & Agendas which throw spanners into the works. I always like it when a game twists and turns on the fate of a card draw. Lots of lovely artwork throughout (again, obviously) and another essential pick up.

The Miniature

Finally, we have the limited edition miniature for Diana Enranged. This is a new sculpt inspired by the events of The Arising!

Diana Enraged - Moonstone

Diana Enraged // Moonstone

Diana Enraged can be used in a special scenario that comes in The Arising book and you could also use her as an alternative sculpt for Diana, Queen Of The Fae. She towers over her foes now thanks to that lovely scenic base.

She might look daunting but the miniature comes in four parts and is very easy to pop together. I'm sure that a lot of hobbyists have just sighed in relief.

Getting Started In Moonstone

As well as the options for those diving into Moonstone with The Arising, they also have options for anyone who gets started.

Catch Up Sets #1 - Moonstone

Catch Up Sets #2 - Moonstone

Catch-Up Sets // Moonstone

There is a general Catch-Up set that comes with the relevant books and the Two Player Starter Set. But, if you want to go that extra mile then you can snap up a collection that offers you a chance to play as one of the specific allegiances within the game. Like Faeries? Snap up all of the winged folk!

To give you a look at how Moonstone plays, why not check out our two Let's Plays? The first will show you how to play and the second is a scenario from the new The Arising book.

Let's Play: Moonstone - Learn How To Play!

Let's Play: Moonstone - The Stone Circle

The Arising Kickstarter // Moonstone

This game is unique, whimsical and frankly beautiful. It would be awesome to see folks diving in and painting up more of the Moonstone miniatures as well as playing games. If you've got started in Moonstone let us know in the comments.

Are you going to be checking this out?

"To give you a look at how Moonstone plays, why not check out our two Let's Plays?"

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