What About MORK BORG But With Orcs? ORC BORG RPG Is Coming!

January 28, 2022 by brennon

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MORK BORG from Free League Publishing is a pretty awesome game of punk Fantasy roleplaying goodness. So, it makes sense that folks would latch onto that and have fun with the concept. That's where Grant Howitt and Rollin Kunz come in as they are collaborating on a Sci-Fi variant, ORC BORG!

Orc Borg - Grant Howitt

ORC BORG // Grant Howitt & Rollin Kunz

Here is some of the background on this particular game...

"The DERELICT is a great big beautiful trash rocket smashing through space and it is jam-packed with ORCS, generations upon generations of them, sporing and scrapping, building murderous idols to their mad gods, and praying for DOOM when the Derelict will crash into heaven and disgorge every dead-hard big-toothed bastard in a glorious green tide."

Howitt is going to be working on the rules for this book alongside Kunz' amazing artwork that you're seeing here. It will be coming to crowdfunding in the near future and uses the MORK BORG rules as the core of its mechanics.

Orc Borg Art - Grant Howitt

ORC BORG Art // Grant Howitt & Rollin Kunz

Inside the rules, you're going to find everything you need for playing "punch-obsessed weirdos desperate to accelerate the apocalypse". You can also dive into rules for piloting, fighting and stealing things. There are even Big Robots like BANG TEN THOUSAND, MASSIVE PROBLEM, and RUST BITCH - epic names.

The team are also working on a legitimate theme tune, rules for injury and cybernetic enhancements, using existing maps for the Derelict and more. New Powers also include Technowizardry and (my favourite) yell-powered Orc Prayers. Epic.

You will also find all manner of fun foes to fight including mad humans, demon-worshipping aliens and even more. Very cool! I am very interested to see how this all comes together. MORK BORG is unique in its execution of Fantasy on the tabletop and I can see ORC BORG being just as fun.

Are you tempted to check out ORC BORG?

"New Powers also include Technowizardry and (my favourite) yell-powered Orc Prayers. Epic..."

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