Morozko Bounds Into Warcradle’s Christmassy World Of Mythos

December 4, 2020 by brennon

Warcradle Studios have a fun Christmas miniature for you to check out this year which is this time designed to fit into the Lovecraftian world of Mythos. See what you think of the creepy Morozko!

Morozko - Mythos

Morozko // Mythos

Within the set you get two different miniatures which represent both Kind and Unkind Morozko. He can be used in any faction from the world of Mythos and begins play Kind, giving gifts to his allies. When he flips and becomes Unkind though he begins to curse and cripple his enemies and might even begin ripping and tearing!

Morozko Painted - Mythos

Morozko Painted // Mythos

This miniature is only going to be available during the month of December for the 2020 Christmas period but might be a fun option to play around with all year when you dive into Mythos games. The character cards needed to play him will be found soon over on the Mythos Website.

Are you liking the look of this wintery treat from Warcradle?

"Are you liking the look of this wintery treat from Warcradle?"

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