Build Up Mortem Et Gloriam Forces With New Plastic Soldier Packs

July 7, 2020 by avernos

After the flurry of activity of the launch of Mortem et Gloriam by the Plastic Soldier Company, things have finally calmed down enough for them to revisit it with a range of new packs offering options to expand your forces from the Pacto sized armies for Mortem et Gloriam into the glory of the full-sized games of MeG Maximus.

Late Imperial Roman Armoured Infantry // Mortem Et Gloriam

The packs are a mixture of the four armies that have initially been released for MeG and really expand upon the forces giving greater variety for building your forces.

The glory that was Rome has four new packs on the way apart from Late Imperial Roman Armoured Infantry, they'll also be receiving an Unarmoured Infantry pack, both of these contain twenty-four figures including a three-man command and eight archers to skirmish along with them. If you're looking to add more shock and awe to your forces they have also received two cavalry units both sixteen figures strong. Late Imperial Roman Cataphract Cavalry and regular Imperial Roman Cavalry.

Sassanid Persian Archer & Slinger Infantry // Mortem et Gloriam

The Sassanid Empire receives the lions share of releases as is only right and proper for boundless Persia. There are two infantry packs consisting of thirty-two figures the Sassanid Persian Archer & Slinger Infantry is split sixteen of each type of psiloi while the Unarmoured Infantry is a crunchy set without any additional skirmishers and in this instance no command figures either.

They also have three packs of sixteen cavalry coming from shock Lancers to two packs of Horse Archer's, both armoured and unarmoured, this is a significant chunk of horseflesh as I often think of their cavalry when I think of the Sassanid Persians.

Gothic Armoured Cavalry // Mortem et Gloriam

The Goths have three packs of reinforcements available to them now there are Gothic Armoured Cavalry and Gothic Unarmoured Cavalry, as is standard they come sixteen to a pack with an assortment of poses and they have also a Gothic Warrior & Archer Infantry pack. Again there are thirty-two figures split into the main force of twenty-four fighters accompanied by eight skirmishing archers to provide some cover for them.

Hunnic Horse Archer Cavalry // Mortem et Gloriam

The last of the Pacto armies to receive their packs are the Hunnic Empire, only two packs of cavalry coming to the field for the Huns the Hunnic Horse Archer Cavalry and Hunnic Noble Cavalry and while they may say variety is the spice of life the Huns seemed to manage fine without it when it came to conquering huge swathes of the land around them. If you are a Hun player and feeling Neglected the first supplement Age of Attila is now going off for layout and typesetting and

All of the figures are now available and will be a welcome addition to many forces out there. Depending on the nation some of the packs contain figures that were in the Pacto starter armies, for example, the Hunnic releases, others like Rome and Persia get new unit types to play with so even if you're not intending on upgrading from the Pacto style of game to Maximus there are now a lot more options to chose from. All of the figures are made from Plastic Soldier Company's Ultracast resin so they're well detailed and durable while being cheaper than their metal counterparts.

Are you going to be snapping up these miniatures for your Ancient wargames?

"All of the figures are made from Plastic Soldier Company's Ultracast resin so they're well detailed and durable while being cheaper than their metal counterparts..."

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