Mounted Warriors & The Undead Strike For Zenit’s Kensei

May 1, 2018 by brennon

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Zenit Miniatures continue to build on their world of Kensei this month with another range of releases which look into their undead fantasy forces in the game.

Kuro-Ite Samurai With Naginata - Zenit Miniatures

Leading your mounted warriors we have the Kuro-Ite Samurai With Naginata atop his dead steed. I really like what they've done with this particular model where they've gone for a look that isn't entirely skeletal. Instead, there is still some of the sunken flesh on his bones and the battered armour across his form. Maybe he is still a proud warrior, even in death.

Keeping with the undead theme we also have the Yari Kuro-Ite Hero. I somehow don't think that he's quite as proud and honourable as his undead compatriot above.

Yari Kuro-Ite Hero - Zenit Miniatures

Wearing the bodies of the dead as a banner is a unique look indeed. The mound of dead bodies beneath his feet starts to tell a story of his ferocity as well. It gives you that impression of a tireless undead horde just rumbling over the lands of the living.

Mounted Archers

We also have the Yumi Kiba Musha who are thankfully loving life. Each of them is armed with deadly bows for striking their enemies at range.

Yumi Kiba Musha - Zenit Miniatures

The sculpts for the horses was what stood out for me with these particular models. I like that they're atypical, tossing and rearing as they charge forward. It adds a more cinematic level to things I think and builds on the action you get from an otherwise static object.

What do you think of these new releases?

"Maybe he is still a proud warrior, even in death..."

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