Mouok Mangod Takes Command Beyond The Savage Core

May 29, 2019 by brennon

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Lucid Eye is continuing to build on all sorts of additional characters for use Beyond The Savage Core. The latest addition is a Neolithic Boss known as Mouok Mangod.

Mouok Mangod - Lucid Eye

A new tribe is descending from the North led by this fellow so the time of the Neanderthals may be coming to an end. This fellow looks like he would be a beast of a man to fit, adorned with all kinds of trinkets most likely taken from those he has felled.

Ziggurat Teaser

As well as the new release for Beyond The Savage Core there's also a teaser of what awaits for their Ziggurat range.

Ziggurat Teaser - Lucid Eye

It looks like we're getting another fighting female to add into the ranks of your force and then something big! I would assume we're going to be seeing some kind of monstrous golem of some kind or a towering warrior blessed by some otherworldy magics.

What do you make of the sculpting from Lucid Eye?

"What do you make of the sculpting from Lucid Eye?"

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