Munchkin Meets Critical Role From The Team At The Op

October 7, 2020 by brennon

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The folks at The Op have joined forces with the teams from Steve Jackson Games and Critical Role to create a new Munchkin variant which introduces The Mighty Nein from Campaign Two of the hit D&D show to this dungeon delver.

Munchkin Critical Role - The Op

Munchkin Critical Role: A Mighty Nein Game // The Op

Munchkin is pretty well known in the tabletop world and was probably most people's introduction to hobby tabletop games back in the day. Much like games like Love Letter, Code Names, Splendor and the like, it has been tweaked to fit all manner of licenced properties and it was a matter of time before it was introduced to Critical Role.

For those of you unfamiliar with Munchkin, you play as a dungeon delving hero who can kick down doors and seek loot to arm your hero whilst fighting monsters and battling towards that elusive level ten spot. The game works for three-to-six players and can be semi-cooperative as you work together only when it suits you and your goals.

One would assume that with A Mighty Nein Game we're going to be introduced to the characters from the campaign, the monsters they've faced so far and all manner of locations that they've visited. It seems odd that they haven't focused on the first campaign and Vox Machina but then again Campaign Two is in full flow.

I must admit, I've not played Munchkin in years but I did really enjoy it back in the day. It would take something pretty fun to bring me back to it and Critical Role might just be that. I'd also never game shame someone for loving something like Munchkin so if this floats your boat; awesome!

Are you tempted by what The Op are doing here?

"It would take something pretty fun to bring me back to it and Critical Role might just be that..."

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