Mythic Announce UKGE Monstrous Miniature Exclusive!

May 23, 2019 by cassn

Mythic Games have announced a UK Games Expo exclusive which will have your miniatures ringing all the bells in the city and hoping no-one has their airpods in.

dany airpods

Yes, Mythic Games have announced that their most requested Kickstarter miniature - a  Time of Legends: Joan of Arc legendary dragon that could take Drogon in a battle royale - will be on limited sale at UK Games Expo in June.


This massive behemoth of fire and fury will come with Archangel Saint Michael and Bombard team miniatures, but the run is limited. Much like a dragon carrying his poor, misunderstood momma off into the east - once they're gone, they're gone!

This Legendary Dragon will be available at Mythic Games Booth (1-902) at UK Games Expo in June, so make sure to pick yours up if you're there!

You can follow all the UKGE action here at OnTabletop, where we'll be live blogging all the best bits and hosting the Main Stage (1-394). Don't forget to come and say hi!

"A massive behemoth of fire and fury!"

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