Naga Cruiser for Noble Armada

May 30, 2011 by beerogre

Darrell and I recently put Noble Armada under the spotlight, so look out for the video being published soon.

However, as a taster of things to come, here's the wireframe for the upcoming Il Halan Naga class cruiser and a bit of a description from the designer.

This bad boy lies directly between a Cruiser and Dreadnought in size and, at 500 points, gives Li Halan a unique costing point. The turrets are loaded up with Heavy Blasters and EM Pulse Guns, which means no enemy fleet will have shields up for long, while gun decks full of Heavy Lasers give a powerful long-ranged punch. If that were not enough, there is a Light Meson Cannon up front to ruin the day of anyone who approaches too close.

It is not what you would call fast, but with the amount of Shields and Damage it can sustain, the Naga gives li Halan a good bruiser of a ship to mix it up with the heavies in other fleets.

As 500 points, it's worth the same as 50 fighters... although you'll need to see our video to see why that might be important.

BoW Andy

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