The Naga Queen Slithers Out of Avatars of War

September 18, 2014 by dracs

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Over at Avatars of War, two more fantasy figures have been released onto the battlefield, including the serpentine seductress Reina, the Queen of the Naga!

Reina Naga Queen

According to the background of Avatars of War's Warthrone set, the Naga are those Dark Elves who are chosen by Nemesis and are worshiped by the rest of their race as the pinnacle of society. The model of Reina is a beautiful sculpt, the perfect monster to be lurking in your dungeons or as part of your army.

However, she does not go uncontested as a new Dwarfish Rune Master has been released into Avatars of War's Arena Deathmatch .

Dwarf Rune Master

The Rune Master uses the magic of his runes in combat, while keeping the enemy back with his dwarven rune staff. Avatars of War have done a an excellent job in creating a dynamic sculpt for this priest of Tyr. So often with magic based characters we only see them standing in static pose, arms raised. However, this one has been caught with his cloak flapping about him, giving him a good feeling of motion.

Do you like either of Avatars of War's latest releases? Think you'll include them in your games?

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