Learn To Craft Your Narabi Stone Garden From Z-Man Games

February 3, 2019 by dracs

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Z-Man Games have made the rules for their upcoming game Narabi available to download from their site.

Narabi is a game where players must work together in order to create their tranquil stone garden.

Stones are exchanged between players as they attempt to arrange them in numerical order around the table in as few turns as possible. The less time it takes, the quicker you are able to achieve a tranquil garden.

However, much of the challenge arises from the Restrictions on your stones and the limitations placed upon how you can communicate with your fellow players.

This sort of numerical focus is something that has, in the past, put me off games. Anyone who has seen my lets plays knows that I struggle even with counting fingers correctly.

However, this sort of limited communication game has been proving very popular. It reminds me a bit of Hanami, which is a card game I thoroughly enjoy.

The game is currently up for late pre-orders from the Z-Man webstore.

How would you create the perfect zen garden?

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