Hit The Necromunda Ash Wastes With New Vehicles & Characters

November 28, 2022 by brennon

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The Ash Wastes are filling up with more gangs as Necromunda spills out into the expanse outside the city. House Escher have got themselves some brand new vehicles that are going to be soaring across the wastes, chasing down those that think they're safe. See what you make of the Escher Cutters from the folks at Games Workshop.

Escher Cutters - Necromunda

Escher Cutters // Necromunda

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These flying machines are essentially big engines with guns strapped to them. I think someone might have gone to see the Ork Mek. Leaders, Champions and Prospects can ride these and they can be armed with twin-linked heavy stubbers, grenade launchers or plasma guns. Plasma guns! I can see people just melting both people and other vehicles with these Cutters. The kit also comes with a variety of head options for the riders so you can do some mixing and matching.

Alongside the release of the Cutters, we have the new card sets for House Escher including options for their vehicles. You can pick up some themed Escher Ash Wastes dice as well if you want to complete the collection.

Escher Cards & Dice - Necromunda

Escher Cards & Dice // Necromunda

These could perhaps be the gifts for the Necromunda player who has everything.

Forge World Necromunda Releases

The Forge World folks aren't to be outdone when it comes to the releases for Necromunda and a whole host of dramatis personae will be popping up on their webstore. You might want to take the lead with the deadly Athera, Blade of the Matriarch.

Athera Blade of the Matriarch - Necromunda

Athera, Blade of the Matriarch // Necromunda

Taking the lead, Athera can help out Escher gangs with her deadly chainaxe. She also comes with a pair of boots that look utterly brutal. I love the idea that she can kick and stamp her way through her enemies as well as laying about them with chainaxe at the ready. Athera also comes with her Caryatid called Stix. He is able to help her avoid danger and would just be a brilliant little sculpt to paint up and add to the strange menagerie of options for Necromunda.

If you want to keep up the Escher theming then you can also call on the aid of the Escher Shivver And Apprentice Clan Chymist.

Escher Shivver And Apprentice Clan Chymist - Necromunda DEC

Escher Shivver And Apprentice Clan Chymist // Necromunda

The Shivver can see the future and predict how your fortunes will go. I'm not entirely sure how reliable she is so maybe don't go out without wearing a bit of armour. She is also joined by the Clan Chymist who can help turn the Escher ladies into Matriarchs and Death Maidens! They are also able to work on all sorts of chemicals and poisons that could be used to bring your enemies down long after they've been cut.

Beyond Escher, there are also some bonus releases for the wider world of Necromunda. Smash around the Underhive in proper "metal" fashion with the fearsome Gorshiv Hammerfist.

Gorshiv Hammerfist - Necromunda

Gorshiv Hammerfist // Necromunda

This fellow is armed with two power hammers called Wrack & Ruin. He also fuels himself with an insane amount of combat stimms and will be using the power imbued by them to utterly crush anything before them. He is an utter mountain of muscle and will no doubt cause utter havoc in the midst of the Underhive. I love the chain-blade-styled "hair" he is rocking too.

You can also pick up the previously released set of Underhive Traders that might be able to help your gang get their hands on the goods!

Underhive Traders - Necromunda DEC

Underhive Traders // Necromunda

The set comes with a Relicmonger, Gun-smyth and Beastwrangler. So, you are now going to be able to snap up all manner of quirky relics (that might explode in your face) alongside weapons and terrible beasts.

Another of the newer previews that will be dropping this very weekend is the absolutely mammoth Chronos Pattern Ironcrawler.

Chronos Pattern Ironcrawler - Necromunda DEC

Chronos Pattern Ironcrawler // Necromunda

This could be a good way to transport your gangers into the heart of the action without getting blown apart by the likes of the Escher Cutters on the way. This is a rather hefty plastic and resin kit from Forge World so be prepared for a fairly hefty dent in the wallet but a good option vehicle-wise for the various gangs of Necromunda.

With a variety of fun characters to pick up this weekend, could you be tempted to bolster your Necromunda gang?

"Smash around the Underhive in proper "metal" fashion with the fearsome Gorshiv Hammerfist..."

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