Necromunda’s House Delaque Get Shadowy Reinforcements

May 7, 2021 by brennon

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Games Workshop announced some new options for those playing House Delaque in games of Necromunda! The House Of Shadow book and a new set of miniatures are coming to support this network of spymasters and killers.

House Of Shadow - Necromunda

House Of Shadow // Necromunda

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Much like the other "House Of..." books from Games Workshop, this offers up all of the information you need for expanding and playing as House Delaque on the tabletop. You can very much see these as Codexes which offer up new ways to play and upgrade your Underhive gang.

House Of Shadow Reveal

As well as the new book, we also have a selection of new miniatures, the details of which can be found in the new House Of Shadow book. If you're looking to assassinate someone then you might want to call on the Nacht-Ghuls.

Nacht-Ghuls - Necromunda

Nacht-Ghuls // Necromunda

If you prefer to get all spooky and weird (let's face it, all of House Delaque are weird) then you can also call on the Psi-Gheists. These folks really like their snakes...

Psi-Gheists - Necromunda

Psi-Gheists // Necromunda

Sticking with the idea of twisted technology, we also have the Piscean Spektor. This is Delaque's answer to not being allowed to play around with A.I in their machines.

Piscean Spektor - Necromunda

Piscean Spektor // Necromunda

According to the interview with Andy Hoare, this is taken from the depths of Rogue Trader law. Some poor fish-like creature has been experimented on and added into this mechanical creation.

Talking about mechanical creations, we also have this Psychoteric Wyrm which you can send through the inner workings of the Underhive.

Psychoteric Wyrm - Necromunda

Psychoteric Wyrm // Necromunda

I imagine if one of these burst out of the floor and started attacking you, you'd have something to panic about. As mentioned above, there is a lot of additional information on these new House Delaque miniatures included as part of the interview from last night.

Andy Hoare Talks Necromunda

This certainly seems like a fun new set of miniatures for those diving into Necromunda. I like the amount of depth that Games Workshop now has for the vast majority of the gangs so you've got plenty of nice miniatures to pick from.

I hope that Games Workshop is going to focus on presenting "House Of..." books for all of the gangs and then leave it at that for a little while. There has been a lot of flux in Necromunda it seems but it does look like the team behind the game are now settling on a way to enjoy the game.

Are you going to be picking up these new House Delaque miniatures?

"According to the interview with Andy Hoare, this is taken from the depths of Rogue Trader law..."

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