Haggle With Necromunda’s New Underhive Trader Miniatures

November 9, 2022 by brennon

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Games Workshop has been showcasing some of the upcoming Forge World miniatures coming to the grimdark skirmishes of Necromunda. The latest set of miniatures represents the Underhive Traders that can be added as Hangers-On to your gang, whatever your affiliation.

Underhive Traders - Necromunda

Underhive Traders // Necromunda

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These folks can get you whatever you need, for a price. For example, you have the Relicmonger who is adept at finding all sorts of strange artefacts in the Underhive that could end up turning the tide during your next encounter.

Relicmonger - Necromunda

Relicmonger // Necromunda

You could also go down the route of working with the Gun-Smyth who can get their hands on the grubbiest pistol or the biggest lascannon. It's probably best not to ask where they managed to procure these weapons from lest the Palanite Enforcers come knocking.

Gun Smyth - Necromunda

Gun-Smyth // Necromunda

Last but not least, you have the Beastwrangler that is able to pick up a menagerie of animals that might prove useful. You could get your hands on a barely domesticated Sumpkroc or a dastardly Gyrinx Cat.

Beastwrangler - Necromunda

Beastwrangler // Necromunda

I like that Forge World and Games Workshop continue to expand and develop the Necromunda range with a collection of miniatures that show off the vast array of different characters you find in the Warhammer 40,000 world. There are plenty of Space Marines and Imperial troops but it's always good to get a look at the regular folk who are just trying to survive.

If you're someone who likes the Inq28 movement and is interested in finding miniatures for use in a selection of those indie grimdark Sci-Fi games out there, this range from Forge World is pretty darn on point.

Are you tempted to snap these up when they come out?

"...it's always good to get a look at the regular folk who are just trying to survive"

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