NeverRealm Bring New Elemental Masters To SPIEL ’18

October 22, 2018 by brennon

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The Summoners collection is getting quite the update as we cruise towards SPIEL '18. NeverRealm Industry will be bringing some great new sculpts out soon and here's a teaser.

Selachimorph - Neverrealm Industry

The first of these is this creature above. Whilst it shares many properties with the elemental creatures of their world it is also something entirely unique.

With a name as quirky as Selachimorph and looking like it does, you can see why something like this would be fearsome to those who oppose it.

Next up we're looking to more traditional practitioners amongst their ranks including the Air Summoner here who is summoning forth eldritch powers...

Air Summoner - Neverrealm Industry

...and the Storm Djinn who is a powerful entity in its own right, never mind when summoned forth and suddenly very angry that it is being used by another creature!

Storm Djinn - Neverrealm Industry

Last but not least we also have this fellow, the Tempest Harbinger.

Tempest Harbinger - Neverrealm Industry

Whilst the details look a little soft across these miniatures I think the photography not be doing them justice. From what we've seen of the finished articles these models are top notch and they should be on show this coming weekend at SPIEL '18.

If you're not using these for games of Summoners they would also make fantastic creatures to drop into a dungeon or two when you're role-playing.

What do you make of NeverRealm's recent tinkering?

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