New 15mm Black Powder Epic Battles Sets From Warlord Games

February 25, 2021 by brennon

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Three new boxed sets are available to pre-order (release coming in April 2021) from Warlord Games for Black Powder Epic Battles which takes things down to 15mm scale. If you wanted more American Civil War then the folks at Warlord are delivering with new infantry and cavalry.

The Iron Brigade - Warlord Games

The Iron Brigade // Warlord Games

The first of the sets, The Iron Brigade, offers up a whole bunch of infantry for you to use in your games. Also known as the Black Hats, this was an infantry brigade that became part of the Union Army Of The Potomac. They were known for their distinctive uniform and strong fighting prowess.

Sticking with the infantry for Epic Battles we also have the Zouave Regiments which were used by both the Union and Confederates during the Civil War.

Zouave Regiments - Warlord Games

Zouave Regiments // Warlord Games

Adding another degree of diversity to your games of Epic Battles, these could be painted up to match the formations from New York and Pennsylvania. One of the interesting things about diving into Historical wargaming is that you get to do a bit of background learning about all of these options that you get to play with.

Lastly, for the miniature kits, we also have a new boxed set in the Cavalry Brigade.

Cavalry Brigade - Warlord Games

Cavalry Brigade // Warlord Games

Armed with pistols, sabre and carbine, the cavalry was a pretty integral part of both the Union and Confederate armies during the Civil War. Whilst they did have a large part in early battles they did end up being turned into long-distance raiding forces due to the weight of firepower that could be levelled against them in open battle.

This set comes with three cavalry regiments which can be used to supplement your Union or Confederate forces, whatever period of the Civil War you're engaged in.

American Civil War Paint Set

Capping things off, the folks at Warlord Games have also put together a new American Civil War-themed Paint Set.

American Civil War Paint Set - Warlord Games

American Civil War Paint Set // Warlord Games

The set comes with nine paints and a wash to help you get your 15mm miniatures painted up in no time. All of the core colours are there for painting both sides during the American Civil War and you could also use these for 28mm miniatures if you so desired.

Have you been taking on the challenge of 15mm Black Powder Epic Battles?

"Have you been taking on the challenge of 15mm Black Powder Epic Battles?"

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