New Asterians For Mantic’s Firefight + Edge Of Sanity Starter Set

June 24, 2024 by brennon

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Mantic Games are bringing back the Asterians with a bang for their 28mm Sci-Fi wargame, Firefight. The new Two-Player Starter Set leads the way featuring the Asterians and the Nightstalkers going up against each other at the Edge Of Sanity.

Edge Of Sanity 2 Player Starter Set - Firefight

Edge Of Sanity - Two-Player Starter Set // Firefight

This new set comes with the mighty Asterians going up against a new threat to the galaxy in the form of the Nightstalkers. You get a whole bunch of new miniatures for the Asterians including Marionettes, Support Drones, Cyphers, Matsudan and the Cypher Prime Leader. Rather than sending themselves into the heat of battle, the Asterians send their robotic facsimiles and their allies in the form of the Matusdan.

The Nighstalkers get Scarecrows/Spectres, Reapers, Butchers/Ravagers and a Shade which leads the way. You will also get rules and force lists, a quick start guide, dice and tokens. This makes it a perfect way to start with the two newest and updated factions for Firefight.

Get Started With The Asterians

If you want to just get started with the Asterians, there is also a new Strike Force for you to pick up which comes with the new plastic miniatures for the Asterians. It follows the same design as other Strike Force sets in the Firefight range.

Asterian Strike Force - Firefight

Asterian Strike Force // Firefight

For those not aware of the Asterians as a faction...

"The enigmatic Asterians carved out their huge Empire long before humans had even thought it was possible to leave old Earth. The Asterians’ greatest fear is the human interest in the Silent Lands and the horrors that will unleash. This set is a great way to start your Asterian army, or expand an existing force to challenge your opponents and put the young, upstart expansionists in their place!"

This set comes with a solid set of miniatures for playing games right away. You get twenty of the Marionettes, four Support Drones, nine Cyphers, one Chira Transport and one Cypher Prime. Lead your forces to victory and make sure to teach those young factions a thing or two.

Pretty much everything that you see above is also available separately if you already have a bunch of Asterians in your collection.

Asterian Cypher Squad - Firefight

Asterian Cypher Squad // Firefight

For example, you can get your hands on the Asterian Cypher Squads and the Black Talons which can built in a variety of different ways. You have your core troops here as well as fast-moving elite troops who can zoom towards objectives.

Asterian Black Talons - Firefight

Asterian Black Talons // Firefight

If you're looking for additional fast-moving support then you can also get yourself the Sky Razors who act as scouts whilst also being useful for harassing the enemy. They look very cool indeed and their Noh blasters are going to be handy when suppressing your enemies.

Asterian Sky Razors - Firefight

Asterian Sky Razors // Firefight

Some of the biggest new miniatures for the Asterians are their Matsudan allies.

Matsudan Squad - Firefight

Matsudan Squad // Firefight

The Matsudan are now available in hard plastic and come with a variety of different weapon options. They can be armed with long-range weapons like the ion barrage or ion cannon or you can get in close with shock mauls to batter your enemies. A solid set of brutes, nine of which can be built as part of this kit.

You can also, directly from Mantic, get your hands on the Asterian Weapon Platforms. These are going to be handy for floating fire support although I think given the choice, I'd always take more robots!

All of these miniatures are now available for pre-order, offering up a new faction for you to start out with in Firefight!

Will you be checking out the new Asterians?

"All of these miniatures are now available for pre-order, offering up a new faction for you to start out with in Firefight!"

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