Batman Dark Knight Returns & New X-Men From Knight Models

June 14, 2016 by brennon

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The folks at Knight Models have now added a whole new raft of releases to their website for both the Batman Miniatures Game and the Marvel Universe Miniatures Game. We'll kick things off with DC this time around and take a look at Carrie Kelly and the Sons Of Batman...

Carrie Kelly & The Sons Of Batman

As we mentioned before when we talked about this set Carrie Kelley took on the role of Robin and fought alongside Batman. The Sons of Batman, inspired by the Dark Knight, were a group of vigilantes whom Batman stopped and instead trained them in his non-lethal ways. Admittedly after a bit of a scuffle.

Dark Knight Returns

As well as what's on offer there from Carrie Kelley there is also a pair of releases for the Dark Knight Returns period. Here we have Joker & Robot Dolls.

Joker & Robotic Dolls

He's a decidedly different looking Joker but I'm sure that folks can drop some thoughts below. This is an older Joker who comes back to 'himself' after he realises that Batman has come out of retirement.

We also have a hero this month with Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow, who comes with a Frank Miller spin.

Oliver Queen

It's neat to see these characters from the Batman universe looking a little older - from a quick look at the internet as well it's a neat story.

X-Men & A Hulk

Leading the way for the Marvel side of things we have The Incredible Hulk who now adds to the Avengers line-up and would be father freckin' awesome to see wrecking face on the tabletop. It's nice to see this model make its way back into the collection.


I think that Hulk would be a neat way of making a cool scenario where he's gone on a proper rampage - started by some nefarious villain, and the two teams are trying to stop him. The Avengers are hoping to stop him and bring him under control while the X-Men are looking to take him down.

Talking of the X-Men here we also have Jean Grey, looking fantastic in her 90's style outfit.

Jean Grey

Jean Grey was always one of those characters that I wasn't very sure on when it came to the X-Men. She always seemed a bit 'strange' in the stories and I never quite got behind her as a character. The model looks great though and I hope we see a Phoenix version.

Keeping with neat looking ladies we also have Emma Frost.

Emma Frost

Emma Frost is a rather neat character who has telepathy and, her coolest ability, turning her skin into diamond. Very cool.

Are you liking the DC or the Marvel releases from this month?

Let us know below!

"Talking of the X-Men here we also have Jean Grey, looking fantastic in her 90's style outfit..."

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