New Bearded Folk Join Northumbrian Tin Soldier’s Warband

January 28, 2020 by brennon

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Northumbrian Tin Soldier keep nudging me back to the Dwarven side of things with their releases. Two new characters joined their range this week starting with my favourite of the pair, Sandor Thornheart.

Sandor Thornheart - Northumbrian Tin Soldier

This fellow certainly looks like he could either be a Ranger or Rogue if you were going to be applying a class to him from typical Fantasy. I think he has the expression of someone who has clearly been angered by an unfortunate passerby and is soon going to find two axes embedded in their back! I like the idea that he is more than just your typically grumpy Dwarf; this dude has a serious evil streak running through his veins!

We also have this treasure hunter, Thorkin Stoneseeker. He isn't quite as deadly looking as Thornheart above but you can tell that he is quite commanding.

Thorkin Stoneseeker - Northumbrian Tin Soldier

You could imagine a diorama or vignette where this fellow is overseeing the exploration of an excavation somewhere. Armed with his maps and charts he was clearly the one who paid the money to fund this journey and now he's making sure that his fellow Dwarves are able to fulfil their end of the bargain and help him find his fortune!

Are you going to be snapping these figures up?

"Are you going to be snapping these figures up?"

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