New Characters Join Steamforged’s Guild Ball Teams

August 22, 2019 by brennon

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Steamforged Games have added four new characters into the mix for a number of their different Guild Ball factions. Each of them would be a neat addition to the team but could also be used off the pitch for all sorts of other games as well. We lead with The Mason's Guild and Champ.

Masons Guild Champ - Steamforged Games

Champ looks like a proper brawler, ready to knock someone's teeth out if they looked at her funny! One thing I have always liked about the Mason's is their armour design. I like the larger plates and the swirls mixed into them giving them a proper High Fantasy look. She would make for a good Monk or Fighter away from the Guild Ball pitch.

Quirky Tinkerer

Next up we're looking to the Engineer's Guild and Nomad here. As a proper tinkerer, this fellow looks like he always has a trick up his sleeve.

Engineers Guild Nomad - Steamforged

With Eberron coming to Dungeons & Dragons later this year maybe you've also just found your Artificer hero to use in a new campaign? This fellow needs to be plastered in soot, ash and blast marks I reckon showing off his more quirky nature.

Adorable Pooch!

Next up we're having a drink with the Brewer's Guild and Flea.

Brewers Guild Flea - Steamforged Games

Whilst I think Flea looks awesome of course it's all about that cute doggo that she has with her. I'm sure as a character she is epic and brings loads of cool options to the tabletop! Look at the cute dog!

Guild Ball Gun Kata

Finally, we have a look at the Alchemist's Guild and the introduction of Kami who is getting into the John Woo spirit with her twin guns.

Alchemists Guild Kami - Steamforged Games

She looks like she has put her alchemical skills to good use making use of black powder to create some fantastical guns. It looks like as well as some big slugs in the chamber she's also got something she can pop in the underslung element of her pistol too, dropping something toxic or explosive on her foes no doubt.

Are you going to be picking up any of these new characters when they get released at the end of August?

Let us know in the comments below!

"Are you going to be picking up any of these new characters?"

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