Meet The New Dino Whisperers Of The Drowned Earth!

September 19, 2023 by brennon

The Drowned Earth is back on Kickstarter with a new project focused on some interesting characters and their dinosaur companions. The Clever Girl Kickstarter introduces Dino Whisperers for the different factions in this 32mm Post-Apocalyptic skirmish game.

Clever Girl Kickstarter - The Drowned Earth

Clever Girl Kickstarter // The Drowned Earth

The Whisper is a new role for use with The Drowned Earth and, as you might have worked out, this allows a mix of different characters from across the factions to control the dinosaurs that roam the land. This means that your characters can now control dinosaurs much like a leader can command characters, opening up a lot of options and playstyles when it comes to diving into playing your games.

jalai the drowned earth whisperers 4

Jalai: Militia Whisperer // The Drowned Earth

There are individual pledge levels as part of this campaign which will get you the Whisperer and their adorable (and deadly!) dinosaur companion. There is also a chance to pick up all of the miniatures together, which is especially handy if you're looking to play as a range of different factions.

layra the drowned earth whisperers 2

Lyra: Artefacter Whisperer // The Drowned Earth

There's a little bit of details included as part of the Kickstarter as to how each of these characters works on the tabletop. For example, Lyra has trained plenty of guards for the facilities that the Artefacters project. She also breaks one of the rules for the Troodons and allows them to activate consecutively.

Rhum of the Corsairs has bred a more deadly and venomous strain of Sino whilst also allowing you to deploy Ambush Tokens on the tabletop. These have a chance of turning into a dinosaur and surprising your foes as they explore the tabletop.

rhum the drowned earth whisperers 1

Rhum: Corsair Whisperer // The Drowned Earth

The models that we're seeing from The Drowned Earth are just ace and I absolutely love the detail that the team are able to work into their sculpts. I think it's also great that the game is unique and different from so many other wargames out there. I love the verdant post-apocalypse of the game world and the addition of dinosaurs properly helps!

chaak the drowned earth whisperers 3

Chaak: Bondsmen Whisperer // The Drowned Earth

Tanto uses his Oviraptors as scouts and can deploy deeper into the jungle alongside them. Send these folks ahead of your main force and lay the groundwork for some infiltrations and interesting assassinations!

tanto the drowned earth whisperers 5

Tanto: Firm Whisperer // The Drowned Earth

If you'd like to find out more about The Drowned Earth, make sure to check out our Game Hub where we've played Let's Plays and talked in depth about the game over the last few years. It's a properly awesome project and it's nice to see more miniatures coming out for the different factions.

Will you be checking out this new Kickstarter?

"The Whisper is a new role for use with The Drowned Earth..."

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