New Dominator & Greater Good Heroes From Wargame Exclusive

July 16, 2018 by brennon

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A new range of figures has been added into the mix by Wargame Exclusive for their Imperial, Greater Good and Heresy Hunter range. We start with two more of the Dominator models for the Heresy Hunters.

Dominator Mechanic - Wargame Exclusive

The first of these is the Dominator Mechanic here with her book at the ready, a manual towards the various litanies and scripture she needs to remember as she calls upon the machine spirit. Once again I think the model is looking great even if it does seem packed with detail.

You could probably very easily work out the chest piece to include a section of armour there as well if you wanted to give her some extra protection. Following on from her we have the Medic who looks after the well-being of mortals.

Dominator Medic - Wargame Exclusive

Once again she seems to have forgotten to wear her armour plating but you could very easily sculpt up the additional piece of tunic that she needs to cover up her chest and stomach. It's up to you of course whether or not you like this kind of thing, but I think most of us are on the same wavelength now with this kind of thing.

It really is a shame to see this continuing as Wargame Exclusive really do sculpt some impressive models and if it wasn't for these unfortunate choices of clothing they'd be a hit with more people.

Burn Baby Burn!

Next up we have my favourite model from the new set, the Imperial Arsonist.

Imperial Arsonist - Wargame Exclusive

The reason why she is the best is that she just looks insane. You could imagine her finding her favourite weapon and never, ever letting it go when she hits the battlefield. I love the matching flaming hair as well which has been styled to match her speciality.

I think she would be exceptionally perfect when dropped into a gang in Necromunda actually. If you scratched and defaced the winged symbol on the armour and the weapon you could see her using this scrapped equipment down there in the darkness of the Hive.

Wild Hunter

Last but not least we have an additional model for the Greater Good series of models they create. Here we have the Wild Hunter which is their take on a female Kroot.

Wild Hunter - Wargame Exclusive

Having worked alongside their alien overlords for a while it seems like this Kroot has taken some of their technology and tweaked it to fit her hunting style. I could see her as a great assassin character for you to drop into games or as the leader of a unit as a whole.

Once again, it seems a shame to have her wearing a battered 'bra' for what of a better word but otherwise the models is very cool indeed.

What do you think of these new alternatives?

"I think she would be exceptionally perfect when dropped into a gang in Necromunda actually..."

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