New Faction The Leshavult, Spirits & Cultists Arrives For Moonstone

June 24, 2020 by avernos

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The skirmish game Moonstone has a new faction the Leshavult, Spirits & Cultists. Goblin King Games brought them to Kickstarter last year and are now available to preorder for your games of Moonstone as a whole new faction to be played, or some may be used by the Commonwealth or Dominion factions if you fancy adding something different to your existing troupes.

Moonstone is a fantasy skirmish game that plays out like a storybook adventure on your tabletop, using a unique card mechanic for combat, sprinkled with a heavy dose of bluffing to gain an edge on your opponent. If it's new to you I suggest you take a peek at this unboxing to get an idea about how fantastic(al) this game is.

Leshavult, Spirits & Cultists - The Cursed

The first troupe box is the Cursed a set of four miniatures for three characters based on the followers of the Horned God of life, death, and rebirth. The Leshavult can be an usual bunch, moving from the fantasy to horror sides of literature and back again. The first pair are the Beast and the Revenant.

The Beast & The Revenant // Moonstone

The Beast is a refined-looking gentleman with one slight difference, he's an eight-foot-tall bipedal animal! He is also, predictably, a beast in combat. When characters attack him he gains energy and wounds back and at the same time smaller folk finishing too close lose energy (and also the control of their bladders I imagine).

The Revenant is a weaker combat character but in a game about bluffing he is able to compensate by being able to take a look at his opponent's hand before the cards are played, glimpses of the future and a long life aiding him in his business.

Anya Bartol & Strya Anya // Moonstone

The second pair of characters are both Anya, however in two forms. As the child Anya Bartol she has some healing abilities and is small and nimble enough to get around to collect the moonstones or complete the objectives of the scenarios.

However, if someone is foolish enough to go after young Anya she can remove her necklace and is replaced by Striga Anya a blood-drinking shade with supernatural strength. At any time you can replace the necklace and Anya will return sated to her diminutive form. That is a touch that I love and have come to expect from Goblin King Games. Really leaning into the fantasy side of the game with the mechanics.

Leshavult, Spirits & Cultists - The End Is Nigh

The End is Nigh is the second new preorder for the Leshavult and this set of three miniatures contain some of the members of the Leshavult that are more middle of the road or veering towards the life.

The End Is Nigh // Moonstone

They also have the feel of people who have seen the face of their god and not quite been the same afterwards. Lead by a Priestess Kalista who uses the ending of one life to help prolong another her fingers are holding the scales of balance on the tabletop, and she certainly has that druidic feel and look with her crest of antlers and cloak of grass.

Kalista // Moonstone

Her companions, however, feel somewhat different with Brother Daniel frolicking throughout the tabletop looking at the shiny things and ringing his bell. Acting like a healing bomb covering a wider area he could prove invaluable as long as he doesn't blow up.

They are joined by Kavanagh The Jongler, a gnome with a dark sense of humour. Apart from being able to cause opponents to drop Moonstones, he can if needs be cause one of your own characters to gain energy but at the cost of some of their wounds. It offers a fantastic synergy within the faction as healing and damage are their defining traits.

Brother Daniel & Kavanagh // Moonstone

It's fair to say I'm a huge fan of Moonstone and Goblin King Games have done it again with this faction. It fits the world beautifully and could slowly build up into a new faction by adding some of the minis to an existing troupe you collect. Or you can dive straight into the world of Moonstone with these unique sculpts.

What troupe would you desire to hunt Moonstones in the pale moonlight?

"What troupe would you desire to hunt Moonstones in the pale moonlight?"

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