Snap Up New Fantasy Dwarves From Macrocosm’s Kickstarter

August 24, 2021 by brennon

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Macrocosm are back on Kickstarter with a small but awesome project working to produce four new Dwarven miniatures for use in your Fantasy wargames. You have the option of these new bearded adventurers and more from the Macrocosm back catalogue.

Fantasy Dwarves - Macrocosm

Fantasy Dwarves Kickstarter // Macrocosm

The first two miniatures to have a peek at are the Slayers. The two you can choose from offer chances to add a double axe-wielding Slayer into the mix or one that has a resemblance to a certain famous slaughterer of the Old World.

Slayer #1 - Macrocosm

Slayer #1 // Macrocosm

Slayer #2 - Macrocosm

Slayer #2 // Macrocosm

I am personally quite a fan of the second one. I like the more ornate axe and the use of the gems to his beard. He looks decidedly fed up. As if he is bellowing at an enemy that isn't quite the worthy death he was hoping for.

As well as the two Slayers, you can also pick up a couple of miniatures that could be used as characters or champions. The first is a Vampire Hunter.

Vampire Hunter - Macrocosm

Vampire Hunter // Macrocosm

I like the idea that a grizzled old Dwarf has decided to head down into the lands of men and use his skills to hunt down the undead. I guess that being small and stocky means that you can work your way into all of those underground catacombs in search of the vampire's resting place.

The last of the miniatures is this Miner.

Miner - Macrocosm

Miner // Macrocosm

This fellow has been sculpted up to match a lot of the miniatures you'd find as part of the Warhammer Fantasy Battle range. Switch the base up for a square one and you've got a unique champion for your unit on the tabletop. You could also use him to represent your character in something like Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play.

There are more options as part of the campaign! You can also add their undead Goblins and Skeleton Warriors into the mix alongside a towering Bone Giant. If you're seeking to find a selection of alternative Fantasy miniatures for your collection then this might be worth a shot. Don't forget to take a peek at the full Macrocosm range HERE too.

Are you going to be picking these up?

"I like the idea that a grizzled old Dwarf has decided to head down into the lands of men and use his skills to hunt down the undead..."

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