New Franks & Conquistadors Previewed For Wargames Atlantic

July 8, 2021 by brennon

Wargames Atlantic are as busy as ever. They have two new sets for you to take a peek at to support their Ancient/Dark Age collection and Conquistadors. We start with some Merovingian Franks.

Merovingian Franks - Wargames Atlantic

Merovingian Franks // Wargames Atlantic

This set is coming out to support their Late Roman Legionaries, Goths and more for the Decline & Fall collection. As you can see, you get a range of weapon options with spears, swords, axes and more alongside both armoured and unarmoured warriors. I am loving the style of those heads too!

If you're adventuring (or plundering) in the New World then you will also want to add some Conquistador Cavalry into your collection.

Conquistador Cavalry - Wargames Atlantic

Conquistador Cavalry // Wargames Atlantic

You'll be able to sit this alongside the foot infantry that they're working on and give you a more balanced force. There are options to make partly armoured, unarmoured and fully armoured riders depending on what you're looking to accomplish. You even get a faithful hound that can trot alongside your officer.

Both of these kits are subject to change as they move towards the next stage but they seem like they are going to continue a track record of being utterly badass. Time to think about exploring a new army?

Will you be picking these up when they release?

"Time to think about exploring a new army?"

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