New Lucid Eye Miniatures Released; Hobgoblins & Mooners!

July 22, 2021 by brennon

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Lucid Eye has put together a few new Fantasy releases for their Blades & Souls collection. This new set are all available in metal and give you a few 28mm miniatures to use in your roleplaying games, skirmish wargames and more.

Veltzurtz The Hobgoblin Chief - Lucid Eye

Veltzurtz, The Hobgoblin Chief // Lucid Eye

The first of these miniatures is the mighty Veltzurtz, The Hobgoblin Chief. This fellow looks like he would be a good boss for you to include in a D&D campaign but he would also work as a good warlord for a skirmishing warband too. I'd like to see him at the head of an Oathmark army, leading his fellow warriors into battle.

Veltzurtz is then attended to by this pack of Goblin Cubs! I imagine them scampering around and looking to protect their leader at all costs.

Goblin Cubs - Lucid Eye

Goblin Cubs // Lucid Eye

I have always been a big fan of greenskins, despite being a Dwarf player. I like the way folks sculpt Goblins, especially with their big ears and big noses. I often feel like they get a bit of a bad reputation but they are more cunning and deadly than you'd expect!

A Mooning Peasant?

Finally, we have something a bit different. How do you show your enemies that you don't fear them? Well, moon them of course!

Dulcima Mooning Peasant - Lucid Eye

Dulcima, Mooning Peasant - Lucid Eye

I get the sense that Dulcima is a chief mooner. I imagine the rest of the town is pretty good at it but she is the one who really knows how to piss off her opponents with some bare buttcheeks. Perhaps she could be a nice addition to a big siege diorama or you could always find a different use for her in your games!

What do you make of these new metal releases?

"I get the sense that Dulcima is a chief mooner..."

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