New Monsterpocalypse Preview Of Titans Clashing In 2019

November 13, 2018 by brennon

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With Monsterpocalpyse now smashing apart cities on the tabletop Privateer Press have some more previews of what is coming next year. We start with one of the Planet Eaters, Rogzor.

Planet Eaters Rogzor - Monsterpocalypse

This fellow is a little more mobile than some of his Planet Eater friends and looks like he comes with exceptionally snippy claws. As with all of the new releases for this edition of Monsterpocalypse the range is in resin and comes unassembled and unpainted so that you can go to town on them with your own schemes.

Going up against this fellow you'll have the Sun Sun Syndicate's Zor-Raiden who is rocking the armblades and looks like a character from Power Rangers for sure. Which is no bad thing!

Sun Sun Syndicate Zor Raiden - Monsterpocalypse

You could imagine this fellow flipping around all over the place rather than being the rocksteady firing platform that other big mecha are in Monsterpocalypse.

Landmark Terrain

As well as these large monsters and mechas they also have some more terrain coming your way including Shadow Suns Industries which will no doubt be a focal point for your fighting.

Shadow Suns Industries - Monsterpocalypse

As an alternative capture point, if you're trying to get rid of this dangerous monster menace, there's also the Harbinger Comet Shard which you might want to capture for research or destroy to stop the monsters drawing on its power.

Harbinger Comet Shard - Monsterpocalypse

The designs for this new version of the game are looking great and I can't wait to see what they do with the collection going forward. From what we've heard the game is going down well even though it isn't really getting splashed all over the internet.

Have you been having fun with Monsterpocalypse?

"Have you been having fun with Monsterpocalypse?"

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