New NPCs Join The Dunkeldorf Miniatures Collection

February 18, 2019 by brennon

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A few more previews dropped for the Dunkeldorf Miniatures range which is going to be coming to Kickstarter soon. Our first peek is for some more of the work going into Wilhelm von Struttendorf.

Wilhelm von Struttendorf - Dunkeldorf Miniatures

He looks like a very fancy fellow indeed, presented in a rather swanky looking doublet and with some fashionable pants on for sure. I bet he's never used that sword and if he has, only for getting the corks out of bottles.

With Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play coming back to the fore with its new edition, miniatures like these would be great for people who like represented their characters and of course the odd NPC on the tabletop.

Bearded Butcher

The town is also filled with other folks including Gowak The Butcher.

Gowak The Butcher - Dunkeldorf Miniatures

This fellow opened a Butchers in the town but due to some unfortunate naming of it including the word wiener, he is routinely teased by the locals about it. It seems like he might at some stage snap and get his own back on the townsfolk. How that might come about, we shall have to wait and see, but it'll be fun to see this chap crafted out of metal too.

What do you think of the Dunkeldorf range?

"It seems like he might at some stage snap and get his own back on the townsfolk..."

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