Curteys Miniatures Looks Ahead To New Arthurian Miniatures

April 27, 2017 by brennon

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Curteys Miniatures has previewed some of what's ahead for their range of Arthurian Age Warriors. It looks like we might have Aetius & Arthur themselves leading the way...

Aetius, Arthur, Druid (Merlin)

Here you can see the two characters mounted up and ready for battle. they are also joined by some faithful retainers and a loyal hound which is neat to see. I think that could look great on one of those larger Warlord bases they use in SAGA as a mini-diorama.

They also have the Druidic Merlin joining the collection. Whilst he probably doesn't have any good spells up his sleeve he'd make a great Priest when used in the game.

Druid Merlin

You wouldn't have to just use this fellow in your Historical games either as I reckon he'd make a good classical wizard in plenty of other tabletop games.

Saxons Cometh

Coming to raid the shores of Blighty even before the Vikings we have the Saxons from the mainland and that's where Horsa & Hengist come in.

Horsa & Hengist

This pair were mercenaries who at one time for the Vortigern, the King of the Britons only to betray him and start founding their own Kingdom in Kent. They are much like other 'Heroes' of the period in that their exploits are in some cases mythical or legendary but most of the basis seems to be in fact.

Mounted Warriors

Additional sets of Mounted Warriors are also on the way. Here they are, minus weapons at hand. but no less menacing. I really like the helmet designs that would later go on to be associated with the Anglo-Saxons more popularly.

Mounted Warriors #1

Cloaks are also a must when it comes to mounted models as it cuts down on the amount of fiddly painting you have to do!

Mounted Warriors #2

Have you been considering building up a Saxon or Briton warband for your games of Aetius & Arthur, or maybe you have another game system in mind?

Drop your thoughts below!

"Coming to raid the shores of Blighty even before the Vikings we have the Saxons..."

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