Roll With Class In New RPG Dice Trays By Deep-Cut Studio

February 6, 2020 by brennon

Deep-Cut Studio has produced a new set of Dice Trays for those of you who are getting back into roleplaying games. If you want a themed tray for your class of choice then Deep-Cut have the options for you!

RPG Dice Trays - Deep-Cut Studio

There are Dice Trays out there for each of the core classes from classic roleplaying game, Dungeons & Dragons. If you're a Cleric, Fighter, Warlock, Bard or Monk there is something for you to check out here featuring some absolutely beautiful artwork.

Barbarian Dice Tray - Deep-Cut Studio

I am a big fan of the Dice Trays from Deep-Cut Studio, especially for playing games where you don't want errant dice spilling out over the tabletop. Also, it's nice to have something which suits your particular class and might even power up your rolls!

Monk Dice Tray - Deep-Cut Studio

I am sorely tempted to pick up one of these for myself as I'm currently delving into playing as a Wizard in a new Dungeons & Dragons campaign. I might even pass on these to my friends to see if they want to get one for their characters too!

Wizard Dice Tray - Deep-Cut Studio

It seems like I'm gushing over these...and I am! I think these are a neat and cheaper option to a lot of the big wooden dice trays and bowls that you see on the market. The artwork is also evocative without being invasive which I like and it's something I prefer on gaming mats too.

I could see these being a good present for a gaming group and a nice accessory to have by your side once you've picked your favourite set of dice.

What do you think of the designs?

"...a nice accessory to have by your side once you've picked your favourite set of dice"

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