Check Out New RPG-lite Skirmish Wargame Brutality

September 7, 2020 by brennon

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A new skirmish wargame is available for you to try out for free and snap up in hardback fashion called Brutality. It has been designed so that you can use all sorts of miniatures and play quick and easy or deep, narrative-led games at the tabletop.

Brutality Skirmish Wargame

Brutality Skirmish Wargame Hardback Book

Here is some of the information on what you'll find within its pages...

  • Use any 25mm-32mm models from any game
  • Create your own stats
  • Play with points, or not!
  • Alternating activation
  • Campaign System
  • A setting that allows you to bring your favourite characters together
  • A model’s facing matters and different assault tactics get different bonuses!
  • No models to buy! What could be easier?

This all sounds rather good indeed and you can get a Free Version of the Brutality book by joining their Facebook Group and downloading it for yourself. The game was designed so that you can use all manner of miniatures from different universes and even those that don't have rules behind them.

Games take between thirty minutes and an hour to play and you'll also find a campaign system in there which removes a lot of the book-keeping elements. It seems like a really neat idea and you can't argue with free when it comes to giving it a look.

As well as getting your hands on the free rules you can also buy the Hardback Rules plus the FULL PDF which includes all of the rules for the game. Additionally, there is also a Token Set which you can snag which offers up a few key items you can use in gameplay.

Brutality Tokens

Brutality Tokens, Stat Cards & Terrain

This seems like a nice little bundle for those who want to support the project. It would certainly be worth taking a look at their Facebook Group for more information first but after that, it might be worth exploring what this game has to offer.

Are you tempted?

"It seems like a really neat idea and you can't argue with free when it comes to giving it a look..."

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