New Sci-Fi Sindari Voidfarers Invade Kromlech’s Webstore Soon

April 4, 2022 by brennon

A new set of miniatures are going to be added to Kromlech's webstore on 8th April. The Sindari Voidfarers are stepping out of their warp gates, ready to enact their intricate plans. Could these be a good crop of alternative Sci-Fi miniatures?

Warsingers Cabal - Kromlech

Warsingers Cabal // Kromlech

There are a variety of different sets showcasing the heroes and warriors available to those wanting to expand their armies. For example, you might want to pick up a trio of heroes from the Warsingers Cabal above. Or, you could look at getting the larger Warsingers Council.

Warsingers Council - Kromlech

Warsingers Council // Kromlech

You could drop these into your collection as alternative Farseers and Warlocks in your Warhammer 40,000 armies. They would also work well for those looking to build armies of Space Elves for all manner of other games! I think in the case of these characters, I actually prefer the ones without their full helmets on.

Who could say no to a set of space cats either, right? Uses these as a nice focal point for a unit as they empower your Warsingers to greater feats.

Psychic Familiars - Kromlech

Psychic Familiars // Kromlech

"Cats" seem like a legitimately good option for an army of Space Elves. Both "creatures" are haughty and do whatever they want on their own timetable!

New Sindari Voidfarers Troops

As well as the new characters, you can also pick up a set of Sindari Voidfarers troops. Making up the core of your force are the Shrine Guardians.

Shrine Guardians Squad - Kromlech

Shrine Guardians Squad // Kromlech

I like their ghostly and over-the-top helmets. I quite like the idea of picking these up and using them as the alternative core of my Aeldari army. I could paint them up to match the more wraith-like quality of the Wraithguard/blades and make it so that the entire army is made out of ghosts! They should look nice in yellow and blue.

As well as your core troops, you also have specialists in the form of the Grim Harvesters.

Grim Harvesters Squad - Kromlech

Grim Harvesters Squad // Kromlech

Armed with large weapons, this option offers heavy support for your army. You could imagine these spinning up and unleashing a torrent of firepower across the battlefield. I am totally won over by the hooded versions of these miniatures and would like more of those, please!

New Kromlech Terrain

New miniatures are also joined by a new set of terrain for you to decorate your tabletops with.

Boneship Ruins - Kromlech

Boneship Ruins // Kromlech

The Boneship Ruins represent the crumbling structures of a once-great civilisation. I like that these pieces are small enough that they could be slotted into a normal gaming table so they could give a hint to what came before. It's little additions like these that theme a tabletop and start to tell a story. They also seem like they should be simple and fun to paint.

You can drill that "fallen alien civilisation" vibe home with a set of large Ruined Statues Heads.

Ruined Statues Heads - Kromlech

Ruined Statues Heads // Kromlech

You could use these as focal points for your games. I like the idea that the Sindari Voidfarers have found remnants of their civilisation on a planet and maybe there is some ghostly vestige of their past heroes captured in these heads. To that end, the Sindari Voidfarers have invaded and seek to take back what is theirs!

Are you going to be snapping up these new releases?

""Cats" seem like a legitimately good option for an army of Space Elves..."

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